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NCHS AIDS/HIV Facts and statistics

        The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) is the Nations principal health statistics agency. This is a federal governmental organization  collecting, analyzing, and circulation of  health statistics.

CO: Colorado Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Unit

        The  CAACTU) conducts  clinical trials offering experimental treatments with  immune therapy for  all stages of the HIV disease.  This is a subsidiary of University Hospital

USA: Center Watch Clinical Trials Listing Service

Center Watch  provides information services used by patients, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, CROs and research centers involved in clinical research around the world.

POZ Magazine

         Working with photographers, writers, designers and doctors, our team chronicles the HIV epidemic, both in the States and overseas. We publish POZ magazine ten times a year,, Real Health magazine, Combo cards, and a variety of other health care resources.

Food & Drug Administration HIV/AIDS

        Food and Drug Administration HIV/AIDS Program, Office of HIV and AIDS Research.

Office of National AIDS Policy

         Created by President Clinton and Vice President Gore, ONAP provides guidance on the policies of leadership of the Fed.'s response to the AIDS epidemic.

Center for Disease Control Divisions of HIV/AIDS Prevention

         As a part of its overall public health mission, CDC provides leadership in helping control the HIV/AIDS epidemic by working with community, state, national, and international partners in surveillance, research, and prevention and evaluation activities.

(HCG) HIV/AIDS Resource: A Nationwide Directory

        This comprehensive database helps you to find the services including but not limited to: Hotlines,  AIDS service organizations,   medical services, clinical trial sites. This site also includes  forms for submitting  your own organization.

HIV Resources, Inc. - Nutrition

        This site provides information on nutrition and HIV/AIDS. It also includes links to other HIV and AIDS, related sites.

The Aids Quilt

The Names Project Foundation is dedicated To preserving, caring for, and use the AIDS Memorial Quilt to foster healing, heighten awareness, and inspire action in the struggle against HIV and AIDS.

AIDS Walk Colorado

AIDS Walk Colorado benefits Colorado AIDS Project and the fundraising teams of 30 other AIDS service and education organizations throughout the state of Colorado.

The Body

The Body's mission is to us the web to lower barriers between patients and clinicians. It is a great resource to help you to understand HIV/AIDS and it's treatments; to research questions you may have or suggestions on how others have overcome obstacles. This is more then a resource guide it is an online community that fosters education and human connection.

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  This page is dedicated to all those who are living with or, like my cousin Will, have died of  HIV/AIDS.
 You will always be in our hearts.